Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Brewing Up A Job Opportunity - Andrew Russo's Business Is Growing

My friend, Andrew Russo, is an Army veteran who has made a successful transition to the private sector and has launched his own company, Captain's Coffee Brewers. He is now ready to create a sales force, and he prefers to hire other veterans. See his description below.

"Since leaving the Army in 2009, I have sought to build a unique and new coffee experience for the Boston area. My company has seen many changes and grown to require a sales associate to aid us as we expand a new product line to cafes, stores, and grocers. We are seeking veterans who are just exiting military service and desire a strong foundation to help them transition to civilian life. We want to offer more than just a job, but an experience where you will have the opportunity to learn about the coffee industry and connect with other small business owners.

Our goals is to bring our cold brewed coffee and coffee blends to customers in the Greater Boston area. These include our Cold Brewed Iced Coffees and Specialty Coffee Blends. The primary responsibility of this position is to seek out new business within the parameters set forth by the company. This position requires representing our company in the appropriate areas surrounding Boston, MA and candidates must live in that vicinity.

Talents We Require

· Ability to maintain accurate records of all sales and prospecting activities including sales calls, presentations, closed sales, and follow-up activities within their assigned territory, including the use of Microsoft Outlook to maintain accurate records to maximize territory potential

· Participates and contributes to the development of educational programs offered to clients, prospects and company employees

· Identify opportunities consistent with the objectives, priorities and
strategies of assigned customers

· Maintain an awareness of new and existing businesses in their region, effectively establishing which ones are possible customers."

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Compensation is purely commission based at the moment, with a 90 day and 180 review, with salary and compensation beyond commission once sales are being generated.

This is an opportunity I want to present to veterans, especially JMOs and non-coms.

If you or another veteran is interested in talking to Andrew, contact me and I will put you in touch with him.

Click on the link contained in the title to visit the Captain's Coffee Brewers website.


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