Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Review of "Connection, Community & Conversation: Making Social Media Work for Your Business" by Glenn Gaudet with Jeff Kimball

I enjoy it when a respected author becomes a friend of mine. I love it even more when a friend of mine becomes a successful author. So, I am pleased to offer this review of an excellent new book on effective business uses of social media - written by my friend Glenn Gaudet, Founder and CEO of GaggleAMP. Along with his collaborator, Jeff Kimball, Glenn has published "Connection, Community & Conversation: Making Social Media Work for Your Business."

There are many things that make this book a worthwhile purchase and read. Gaudet and Kimball bring a literary style to the writing of this book that one does not often find in a "business book." This quality made the reading of the book even more enjoyable than I had anticipated. In less than 100 pages, the authors offer a concise history of the history of social media in a business setting. They also describe a number of best practices by highlighting and championing several executives - many of whom are current GaggleAMP clients - who are using the amplification capabilities of social media to plump up their top and bottom lines.

With the holidays coming up, I suggest you buy a copy for yourself and several more to share as gifts for colleagues, clients and family members who are in the business world.

Here is a brief description of what you will encounter when you read this helpful volume:

"A quick, informative and even entertaining look at what it really takes to make social media work for your business. The book, written by a pioneer in the use of social media for business and the founder of GaggleAMP, provides clear direction on how you can leverage social media to meet specific business objectives. You'll learn the dos and don'ts of a successful social media campaign, and learn from fellow businesspeople who have built successful social media efforts in their companies starting in most cases from scratch. You'll see why social media is the single most important and cost-effective marketing tool to use during rough economic times. You'll see how others have used social media to generate growth. If you know you need to "do" social media, but you're just not sure how, this is the one book you need buy."



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