Saturday, June 02, 2012

A Stunning Literary Debut - "The Colonel's Mistake" by Dan Mayland

Dan Mayland is a new voice in the world of espionage thrillers, and he has spoken loudly with "The Colonel's Mistake."  As a fan of Alan Furst, John LeCarre and Ludlum, I acknowledge that it takes quite a bit for an author to live up to those standards.  Mayland has done so with aplomb.

The plot twists and deep knowledge of espionage and counter-terrorism make this book a thrilling read.  There is dealing, double-dealing, betrayal and assassinations galore.  The story revolves around Mark Sava, former CIA Station Chief in Baku and Daria, one of his former officers who has been framed for a heinous crime.  The complex intrigues involve not only the CIA and the White House, but Iran, China and Azerbaijan.

I could not put the book down until I learned what happened to Daria, Mark and the plot to steal enriched uranium.

This is an exciting literary debut.



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