Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Return Visit to Verona - Another Take on "Romeo and Juliet"

At the end of last week's review of "Romeo and Juliet," being presented at the Boston Center for the Arts, I made the concluding statement:

"In order to test my theory about being moved out of a zone of comfort, I plan to see the play at least one more time to give the two lovers another chance to enter my heart - and then to break it"

The review generated quite a few comments and a lot of conversation - among patrons of the arts and among cast members.  One reader asked the question:

Rob Kaplan said...

"Did you end up going back?"

I did, indeed, go back, and several individuals have asked for my comments.

The second time around, I sat in a different part of the theater,and attempted to watch the play de novo.
I stand by my assessments from the first viewing - with one exception. Clearly, now being accustomed to the concept of a Romeo and a Juliet who defy common stereotypes, this time around, they did touch my heart, and I found myself moved at their deaths.

You have one more week to  judge for  yourself.  The show resumes tomorrow evening and plays through the weekend.



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