Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mini-Review of "Story" by Robert McKee, The "Godfather of Screenwriting"

I just had a fascinating conversation with a warrior who has deployed twice to Iraq.  He is writing a screen play about the experiences that he and his troops faced in that ancient land between two  rivers - Mesopotamia.  In the course of our freewheeling conversation, I mentioned Professor Robert McKee and his iconic work. "Story."  It occurred to me that when I read this book by the "Godfather of Screenwriting," I had not taken the time to review the book here in The White Rhino Report.  I would like to eliminate that oversight by offering a "mini-review" here.

Simply put, McKee offers principles and formulas for screenwriting that have become the Bible of the industry.  The vast majority of men and women who have won Oscars for screenwriting in the past generation have been students of McKee.  There are those who have accused McKee and his disciples of being too formulaic.  I disagree with that criticism.  Any good artist masters the basics and then makes creative choices to depart from the standard and the orthodox to push the envelope of creativity into new territory.  Picasso mastered realistic painting before veering off into Cubism.  Mckee and his book allow the writer of a screen play to master the basics.

Donald Miller, one of my favorite authors, was moved to write to write "A Million Miles In A Thousand Years" after attending a seminar offered by McKee.

Whiterhinoreport Review of Miller's Book

To anyone who wishes to become a better writer of screenplays, fiction, Blog posts, and other literary forms, McKee's book is a great tool to add to the arsenal of literary weapons you have already amassed.




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