Tuesday, June 04, 2013

"In The Heights" Redux - My Return Visit To The SpeakEasy Production

When I first saw the current SpeakEasy production of "In The Heights," there were a few minor technical glitches. Those difficulties have been ironed out, and I wanted to see the show again to catch the full effect of the lighting design.  The show is good enough to warrant a return visit, so I returned to the Boston Center for the Arts this past Sunday to immerse myself once more in the ethos of the Washington Heights neighborhood of Upper Manhattan.

My enjoyment of the show was even greater than when I first saw this show.  The cast is operating as a well-oiled machine - dancing, singing and acting all very "tight."  Audiences are loving this show, and the run has been extended now until June 30.

See my original review in the link below.  I stand by everything I said then with even more enthusiasm.  The show is entertaining, energizing, moving and infectious!


Original White Rhino Report Review of "In The Heights"



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