Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Pippin! When You're Extraordinary - You Produce An Extraordinary Cast Album!

I am an unabashed fan of this new 40th anniversary production of "Pippin."  I have been waiting with bated breath for this new cast album to appear.  It was worth the wait. I love the original cast album; I wore out an LP and 2 CD versions of it with Ben Vereen, John Rubenstein, Irene Ryan, Jill Clayburgh, et al.  I love this new album even more.

Stephen Schwartz the record producer has done an excellent job of curating the work of Stephen Schwartz the composer.  The mix and production qualities are pleasing.  Each solo performance is an excellent representation of the performances I have seen on stage.  Listening to the album evoked memories of the rich visuals that the show contains.  The orchestra and ensemble singing soar beautifully throughout the album. Tony Award Winner Patina Miller as Lead Player shines through as authoritative and tantalizing. Tony nominee Terrence Mann as Charlemagne manages to sound both whimsical and warlike in "War Is a Science."  Matthew James Thomas' Pippin finds the right blend across the vocal spectrum of intimate subtlety in his duet "Love Song" with Rachel Bay Jones to ascending to the heights of rock star showmanship in "Corner of the Sky."  Tony Award Winner Andrea Martin recreates the magic of "No Time At All" that stops the show in the middle of Act I each night at the Music Box.  The ensemble sound is especially glorious in the Act I closing anthem "Morning Glow."

Even if you have not yet seen this production of "Pippin," this album will be a great way to introduce yourself to the magic that the team has created.



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Kendall Press said...

Al, thanks for posting this review of the New Cast Album. I didn't think anything could top the original but I trust your judgement and will go out and purchase a copy! Extraordinary everyday people - just like you. My favorite Renaissance Man.