Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini-Review of "Transatlantic" - A Novel by Colum McCann

"Transatlantic."  I enjoyed this book a great deal.  I love aviation, so starting the story with the transatlantic flight by two young airmen who fly from Newfoundland to the west coast of Ireland had me spellbound from the opening chapters.  The author brilliantly cuts back in forth in time, eventually revealing the commonality among the threads that have been used to tell the disparate parts of the far-reaching story.  From an escaped slave who lands in Ireland to George Mitchell brokering the peace accords that effectively ended "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland, this novel shuffles together the two decks of historical fact and literary imagination.  Other historical figures have their moment in the sun in this tale - Frederick Douglas, Jack Alcock. Teddy Brown.  It will be worth your investment of a few hours of pleasurable reading to find out what all of these figures have to do with a humble Irish house maid.

Before writing "Transatlantic," author Colum McCann was already a bestselling writer with a National Book Award to his credit.  This intriguing book will add to that already well established reputation and cause it to soar higher - on both sides of the Atlantic.



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