Monday, July 28, 2014

Titanic Theatre Company Presents "Wonder of The World" by David Lindsay-Abaire

I have long been a fan of the quirky and off-beat sense of humor that characterizes the plays of David Lindsey-Abaire.  So, I was delighted when I learned that Titanic Theatre Company would be mounting a production of Lindsay-Abaire's slightly absurdist play, "Wonder of the World."

The comedy is inspired by the Marilyn Monroe film "Niagara," and involves two women who meet for the first time on the bus and who travel together from the Port Authority in NYC to Niagara Falls.  Cass is leaving her husband, Kip, for a variety of reasons that become clear as the arc of the story progresses.  Her traveling companion is the surly and uncommunicative Lois, who is going to Niagara Falls to hurl herself over the precipice and end her life.  Cass is carrying with her a long bucket list; Lois is bringing a pickle barrel!  Lois finally caves into Cass's persistent attempts to start a conversation. The two women share their life stories and eventually also share a motel room in Niagara Falls while Lois drinks and tries to summon the courage to climb into the barrel and launch herself into the river for her final voyage.  Complications ensue, including encounters with a husband and wife team of incompetent private detectives who have been hired by Kip to track down Cass so he can persuade her to come home.  A Captain of the Maid of the Mist enters the scene and further complicates the picture of domestic bliss enjoyed by Cass and Kip.

Director Adam Zahler has assembled a cast and creative team that make good use of the Black Box at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown.  Costume Design is by Julie Dauber, Lighting by Chris Bocchiaro, Scenic Design by Joshua Kigner, Sound Design by David Reiffel.

Cast members are consistently effective in their roles and include:

  • Alissa Cordeiro as Janie
  • Alisha Jansky as Lois
  • Johnnie McQuarley as Kip
  • Meredith Saran as Cass
  • Damon Singletary as Glenn
  • Laurie Singletary as Karla
  • Matthew Zahnzinger.Cap'n Mike

There are many memorable moments in this well-written and well-acted production.  I can guarantee that you will never again see a Barbie doll in the same light after seeing this play!  The final scene finds Cass and Lois crammed together in the pickle barrel near the head of the falls.  It is an appropriate metaphor for the whole evening for up to that point the audience has been experiencing a barrel of laughs.

This production will be presented through.August 9.  Click on the link below to order tickets and to learn more about Titanic Theatre Company.



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