Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mini-Review of "Run" by Andrew Grant - A Cyber Thriller In The Style of Harlan Coben

Written in the style and spirit of Harlan Coben, Andrew Grant's thriller, "Run," hurtles at 100 MPH along a track of danger and intrigue in the arcane universe of cyber-terrorism.  The world of IT consultant, Marc Bowman, begins to spin out of control when he is fired by AmeriTel on the eve of the company competing for a lucrative bid on broadband licenses.  His wife remains as a senior employee, and their relationship begins to unravel as she tries every trick and female wile to convince Marc to return memory sticks that contain AmeriTel data and a mysterious virus.  Throw in Homeland Security agents, fake agents, White House and NSA connections and you have a fast-paced page turner.  There are enough red herrings in this tale to fill a small ocean.

My only criticism is that the fast reversals from Marc thinking he has solved his problems to discovering yet another twist or enemy or betrayal or bump in the road happen so fast that I was suffering from literary whiplash.



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