Monday, August 18, 2014

Review of "Paisley Mischief" by Lincoln MacVeigh - Having Fun While Biting The Hand That Fed Him

Author Lincoln MacVeagh calls himself a lapsed WASP.  The product of Groton and Harvard, he clearly takes delight at poking fun at the stuffy ethos of old money New York City in this delightful send-up of a novel entitled "Paisley Mischief."  The actions centers on the relationships among the members of the ultra-exclusive men's only Avenue Club on Park Avenue.  Drawn into the humidor-infused atmosphere are family members, hangers on, would-be members, staff and the literary and journalist worlds of  Manhattan.  MacVeagh is  relentless at cleverly prodding and poking the stuffiness of those who get to decide who are "our kind of people."  Class and ethnic snobbery are revealed as characters respond to a recently published roman a clef that hints at dark secrets hidden in the cedar closets of Avenue Club members.  The book is a delightful romp through the tony Upper East Side and the Hamptons.



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