Sunday, September 06, 2015

Review of "Cape Ann" - A Novel by John Theo, Jr. - A Very Satisfying Read With Lots of Local Color

I love John Theo's writing.  This novel, "Cape Ann," was particularly gratifying to read for the author wove a story that took places in locations that I love around Cape Ann and the North Shore of Boston.  I could detect the smells of low tide at Good Harbor Beach, salivate to the tastes of fresh-caught Gloucester fish, and hear the sounds of the waves lapping at the shore in Rockport.  The story is rich in descriptive details, and is fleshed out with characters I came to care about.

Jeremy, a former police officer turned school teacher, finds himself caught up in the aftermath of the murder of a close friend.  He teams up with Carrie, the fiercely independent new Rockport Harbor Master who is out to prove that she is just as competent and tough as any of her male counterparts.  She and Jeremy lock horns at first, but end up partnering and coming to appreciate one another's company.  The author gently suggests that Carrie is also helping Jeremy to consider whether faith might be a missing ingredient in his life, and Mr. Theo accomplishes this feat without being in any way preachy or off-putting.  It is refreshing to find red-blooded heroes and heroines who have a spiritual dimension without them being portrayed as plaster saints.

The duo of Jeremy and Carrie succeed in bringing to light several nefarious plots.  They make a good team, and this thread would make an excellent series of novels.  Let's hope the next Rockport tide brings in another installment of Jeremy and Carrie teaming up to keep Cape Ann free from crime. This book is a very satisfying and enjoyable read.



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