Sunday, September 06, 2015

Review of "Small Giants" by Bo Burlingham - A Business Can Be Both Small and Great

In "Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big," author Bo Burlingham has done for small businesses what Jim Collins did in "Good To Great" for large, publicly traded companies.  Mr. Burlingham's criteria for profiling a "small giant" were that the company must be privately held, successful over several years, and the owner must have passed up opportunities to sell or to take the company public.

The profiles of a disparate variety of businesses is both enlightening and inspiring.  From a chain of restaurants in NYC, to a Brooklyn-based storage warehouse to a Michigan bakery, the common thread that appeared in each story was that the men and women who own and run these businesses have a passion to give great service to their customers and to create a wonderful place for their employees to call home.  No matter the size of the company being profiled, there always emerged a sense that there was an intimacy created among the owner, employees and customers.

This is a book that should inspire any business owner to reach for greatness regardless of the size of the business.  The book is a welcome addition to the literature on the search for greatness in the business world.



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