Friday, September 16, 2016

Review of "Hamilton: The Revolution" by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

There has been a progression in my growing Hamilton mania. When I learned about the musical moving from the Public Theater to Broadway, I also learned that an actor whom I know (Les Odom, Jr.) was playing the role of Aaron Burr. I became emotionally invested in the project.  I ordered the cast album as soon as it become available. And soon this almost 70 year-old white man was rapping: "How does the bastard orphan son . . .?"

I became so intrigued by the Hamilton narrative that I bought and devoured Ron Chernow's book that had initially inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to undertake the project.

Then, I was finally able to snag a last minute cancellation ticket to see a live performance of "Hamilton."  It was the greatest thing I have ever seen on stage.

So, when this book,  "Hamilton: The Revolution" was released, I ordered it immediately.  It is a treat to be able to be invited behind the scenes and to understand the influences that led Miranda and the rest of the creative team to make the choices that they did in building this work of art from scratch. The authors share the full libretto and offer copious footnotes outlining sources of influence for a particular line or musical choice. The feeling in reading this book is that one has been invited into "the room where it happens."

This book is a gift to anyone who loves "Hamilton," to anyone who loves theater, or to anyone who is passionate about understanding the creative process.



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