Friday, September 16, 2016

Review of "I Wanna Be A Producer" by John Breglio - A Gift To All Who Love Theater

John Breglio's book, "I Wanna Be A Producer" is a wonderful gift to the theater community. Speaking from his decades of experience as a theatrical and entertainment attorney and his more recent experience as a Broadway producer, he opens up the kimono to talk in real terms about how the business end of theater really works. The subtitle of the book says it all: "How To Make A Killing On Broadway . . . Or Get Killed"!

The author offers enough technical detail about contracts and negotiations to be useful without becoming pedantic. He spices up the technical talk with vignettes from real shows he has represented or produced, and the complexities involved in balancing financial considerations with managing strong personalities. He offers glimpses into working with the likes of Joseph Papp, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michael Bennett, the Bergmans, Patti LuPone and many others.

If you love theater, you will love this book - even if you never intend to become a producer.



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