Wednesday, December 12, 2018

"Leading from Purpose" by Nick Craig - A Must Read Book for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

"Leading from Purpose" author Nick Craig has spent much of his career helping men and women who are corporate leaders to learn to function more effectively. Over the years, he has taken the lessons learned and refined the seminars that he presents - both in corporate settings and in weekend retreats for individuals who are committed to life long learning and growth. Based on having observed thousands of men and women leaders, author Craig has come to the conclusion that the single most important attribute that separates great leaders from the pack is their ability to articulate clearly their purpose in life. This focus on purpose has become a cornerstone of Craig's seminars, and is the foundation for this powerful book.

The book is divided into three sections:

I. Access - Why purpose matters, Crucible stories, Finding purpose through passion

II. Finding Your purpose

III. Impact - Living out your purpose in a number of dimensions

Interwoven among Craig's teaching and principles are compelling stories of individuals who have struggled to discover, articulate, and live out their purpose. The stories are inspiring, and the people who lived them are approachable. It is clear from the diverse and motley assortment of individuals whose stories are told, that virtually any leader or aspiring leader can work through the stages of articulating his or her purpose, and then make life choices based on that purpose statement. There are several wonderful vignettes that involve sailing, as well as a fascinating account of a difficult choice made by the President of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

The book contains self-assessment tools, so it serves as a workbook and template for each reader to pause and work through the process that the author offers to those who attend his seminars. I have had the privilege of attending Nick Craig's weekend seminar. With his help and the help of other attendees, I was able to refine my own purpose statement:

"You bring the fuel; I will add the spark. Together we will light up the world."

I encourage and challenge you to buy this book, and to buy an extra copy or two to give to individuals in your life whose lives will be impacted by their ability to learn to Lead from Purpose.



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