Monday, December 10, 2018

"Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and the Fading Creeps" by A.J. Massey - A Mythological Journey to Meridia

It is clear throughout this delightful fantasy for teen and adult readers that author A. J. Massey has been influenced and inspired by the likes of "Labyrinth," and writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S.Lewis, and Frank Baum. He has the reader follow the adventures and misadventures of young Ben, who is transported to the dream world of Meridia - a cross between Oz and Narnia. He encounters strange phenomena and stranger creatures that would have given Alice pause in her peregrinations throughout Wonderland.

Ben is enlisted in the Herculean task of bringing back to Meridia a sphinx head in order to save the world from the foreboding "Fading" that threatens to erase all of the physical world and those that inhabit it. He is joined in his quixotic journey by Avery, Marcus, and three small "dragonwoofs" - what remains of a once mighty race of dragons that have devolved into apparently useless and ravenously hungry domesticated pets.

The writing is colorful, and serves as an inspiring parable for facing our worst fears and demons. The characters are well drawn and memorable. This literary journey is one worth taking.




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