Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Remembering the Caregivers in our Prayers

Two recent tragic events have been playing in my mind these past few days: the December 21st suicide bombing at Mosul, Iraq and the incomprehensibly devestating earthquake and tsunami in Asia. My thoughts naturally turned first to those killed and wounded and their grieving families and communities.

Today, my thoughts turn to the rescue workers, medical personal, relief agency workers and volunteers struggling to stem the tide of suffering in locations scattered across thousands of miles. At a time when many of us are privileged to be celebrating the holidays and spending time relaxing with family and friends, these men and women put themselves on the line to offer a hand to those who are suffering. They deserve our support, our gratitude and our prayers.

A close friend of mine made me aware today of this posting from a Blog by Chaplain Lewis in Mosul. This moving account of his involvement in the aftermath of the suicide bombing makes it very clear how much it costs to put oneself in harm's way and in the midst of the aftermath of a mass casualty situation.

In the face of such suffering - in Iraq and throughout Asia - we may be tempted to feel overwhelmed and wonder what we canpossibly do to make a difference. The concrete steps I plan to take in response include:

* Offering prayers for the families of those who have suffered loss, and for those who are laboring to ameliorate the suffering;

* Sending a donation to an agency providing relief in Asia.

* Being more mindful than ever of the ephemeral nature of life here on earth, finding a family member or friend and telling that person today how much I love and appreciate him/her.

* Writing a note or an e-mail of thanks to someone serving at home or abroad in the military, or sending a note of appreciation to a civilian first responder.

* Taking nothing for granted, and taking time to celebrate each day, thanking God for the gift of another day to invest in making a difference in the loves of others.

God bless.


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