Friday, December 03, 2004


I attended my first and only Army-Navy game in December of 2001. I was fortunate enough to be a guest of the West Point football team, so I had great seats - the 11th row from the field on the 40 yard line! I can't wait to attend my next game - perhaps in 2005 if my schedule will allow.

This storied rivalry began in 1890, and remains one of the most compelling annual sporting events. Just this morning is finished reading A Civil War: Army Vs. Navy : A Year Inside College Football's Purest Rivalry by John Feinstein. It is a well-written book that gives moving insights into the hard work that goes into balancing the demands of Division 1-A foolball with the already staggering demands of being a cadet at West Point or a midshipman at Annapolis. If anything, reading the book only increased by appreciation and respect for my friends who have played for Army and Navy over the years.

Woody, Tyler, Cal, Mark, Jared, Chad, Brent - Thanks for the memories and thanks for welcoming me into the world of USMA football!

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