Thursday, February 10, 2005

Career Effectiveness: How "Career Imprinting" Shapes Leaders - A Preview

The more time I spend in the midst of helping companies to find top talent - and helping top talent to find companies with visionary leaders at the helm - the more convinced I become of the critical importance of matching intangibles. The best hiring decisions - and the best career moves - are made with an eye towards carefully matching the personal value system of the candidate with the corporate culture, ethos and values of the companies she/he is joining.

In his BrainFood Blog, David Teten recently shared an article that caught my eye because it addressed the same issues in a way that was new to me. The article originally appeared in the February 7 edition of Harvard Business School's "Working Knowledge for Business Leaders."

"Where you work early in your career shapes the kind of leader you become later on, says HBS professor Monica Higgins. She discusses her forthcoming book, Career Imprints: Creating Leaders Across an Industry."

HBS Working Knowledge: Career Effectiveness: How "Career Imprinting" Shapes Leaders


Al Chase

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the career imprinting line of thought. I have already experienced this early in my career. I can already see where working for my particular company has affected the way I make decisions and more importantly how I treat colleagues and the way I expect to be treated. I have definitely been imprinted. I hope it's the right one !