Monday, February 07, 2005

Continuing the Dialogue of Networking - Quality vs. Quantity

Over lunch last week, my friend, Abbot Cooper and I were continuing the dialogue I began in this space regarding the balance between quality and quantity in social and professional networking. In an e-mail to me this morning, Abbott continued to share his thoughts. I was intrigued at his mention of George Plimpton as a prolific networker, and asked his permission to share his thoughts with the rest of you.


Another random thought... one of the greatest social networkers of all time was the late George Plimpton. He maintained a vast network of friends over an extraordinary breadth of professional and societal circles, and he did it without the benefit of technology -- unless he adopted such in his later years. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on him or to find out more details about his approach to life in general.

Incidentally, Plimpton was the commencement speaker at St. Andrew's in 1989, and he also narrated a celebratory fireworks display the evening prior. I can remember precious little of the specifics of what he said at either event, but I do remember him as being an absolutely delightful and riveting speaker, even to a 15 year old boy.


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Abbot and I would love to hear from anyone who may have insights into Plimpton's approach to networking and how he managed to juggle so many balls so successfully. Surely, the "Paper Lion" was a rare breed.

FYI - Abbot Cooper is the Founder of Hospital Dynamics, a consulting firm that provides software solutions to enable hospital administrators and managers to improve capacity and patient flow. Abbott is a bright young Renaissance Man, and comes with the White Rhino's "Two Hooves Up" stamp of approval and recommendation! He can be reached at: (617) 848-8126.

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