Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A New Little Rhino Joins the Herd: The Proud Grandpa Speaks

I was thrilled to get the call yesterday afternoon from my oldest son, Ti, informing me that his wife, Raluca, was in labor and ready to give birth to their second child. The due date was a week away, but there had been some early signs that the baby was anxious to make an appearance before the Super Bowl, so I was not completely surprised to learn that labor had begun.

By the time I made the drive up to York Hospital on the South Coast of Maine, my new grandson had already made his entrance into the world. Amet Scott Fyodor Chase was born just before 2:00 EST on February 1. He was almost immediately greeted by his proud "big sister," 2 and 1/2 year-old Laurelin.

Let me parse for you my grandson's name:

Amet (pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable), is the Hebrew word for "truth."

Scott is in honor of "Uncle Scott," my second son.

Fyodor is in honor of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, an author revered both by Ti and by me.

Chase - The first Chase, Aquila Chase, landed in Newbury, MA in the mid- 1630's, and we have now guaranteed at least one more generation of standard bearers for that name!

When I walked into the birthing room to meet my hour-old grandson, I was astounded to see that he looked like a clone of his father. I am not sure I would be able to distinguish between a baby picture of Ti and one of Amet. Everyone in the family also agrees that he looks exactly like me. Please keep the poor child in your prayers!

Seriously, we thank the Lord for a safe delivery, a healthy baby and the gift of a new life and member of the clan.

Al Chase


Anonymous said...

Al, Ti, Raluca, MAZOL TOV!!! How exciting! This is GREAT news and has brightened my day considerably.

I hope that Amet (GREAT name) does not inherit his dad's colicy disposition. I remember Al telling how Ti had horrible colic as a baby and would only be southed by Al singing to him.

I hope that Al posts or emails photos of the little rhino soon!

with love,

Mark Sohmer

Anonymous said...

Al, each is a miracle, thus a blessing...enjoy your blessings

Anonymous said...

From the steps of Lincoln's Memorial, I hereby welcome young Amet into our family! Al, please bring that child down to DC to straighten things out. Congrats; has he beaten you at tennis yet?


Tim Chase said...

The distance between me and my continentally intercontinental family has finally gotten to me. I long to hold my neiphew and whisper to him the glories of god, music and Boston sports teams.
With that said I feel the time is right to declare that my first child, whenever s/he may arrive, will only have one name, strike that, one letter, to make up for my eldest brothers gratuitious poetic license with regards to the naming of his children. I know that I have many hours of conversations a head of me with young Amet and less young Laurelin to help them to cope with the endless playground taunts they will soon have levied in there little directions:-)

Welcome Amet, Can't wait to see you little budy.

Uncle Tim(ofei)