Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Adding A New Link To White Rhino Favorites - You Should Meet

Just before the holidays, I wrote about R3, a colloboration of three friends of mine who are serial entrepreneurs - Bob Allard, Richard Banfield, and Bob Glazer. One of the products they are developing is a tool called "You Should Meet." YSM provides a very useful way to automate the process of introducing friends and acquainteaces to one another.

Those of us who are inveterate networkers spend a lot of time composing e-mails that basically say: "Bob, you should meet Sally. Sally, you should meet Bob." This tool simplifies that process and keeps an archive of all the introductions that you have made, enabling the networker to better manage and follow-up on the process. The product is still in Beta mode, but I am already using it on a regular basis.

I am adding a link to "You Should Meet" to my list of White Rhino Favorite Links. I encourage you to sign-up for this free service.



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