Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bill Reagan Speaks To Business Week - LoJack's Stronger Signal

Regular readers of this Blog are already very familiar with my friend, Bill Reagan. I have mentioned him often in this space, and he has been the source of some of my comments and articles.

As the Inventor and Founding CEO of LoJack, Bill was recently interviewed by Business Week. I found the article insightful and interesting, and thought you would want to be aware of it.

FYI - While Bill has too many irons in the fire to consider a full-time operating role with a company at this point, for the right opportunity, I believe he could be persuaded to consider a role on the Board of Directors of a firm that could use his global knowledge of how to build a company that is one the cutting edge of technological innovation. If you know of such a company, I will be happy to make an introduction to Bill. I consider him a key member of my personal "Board of Directors"!


LoJack's Stronger Signal

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