Saturday, January 28, 2006

Adding To The White Rhino's Favorite Links: "D" = Dunkin' Donuts

I grew up on Dunkin's Donuts. The first Dunkin' Donuts shop was opened in 1950 just around the corner from where I am now living in Quincy, Massachusetts. I love the coffee; I love the donuts. As hard as I try, I cannot get over the feeling that Starbucks and Peets and their ilk are interloping arrivistes who have descended upon us from the Pacific Northwest to teach us how to drink our coffee. Don't get me wrong. I can speak to the "barista" in Starbucks speak with the best of them, but my heart and taste buds still belong at the local Dunkin's Donuts.

I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to some cultural issues, so my allegiance to Dunkin' Donuts cuts against the grain and goes against type. I'll admit I often have to grit my teeth while standing in line waiting to order my "Medium French Vanilla and 1 plain stick" and having to listen to the local denizen in front of me assaulting the Queen's English: "Kin I git 2 lahj regulahs an' uh haf duzzin' glazed crullahs?"

Krispy Kreme tried to establish a beachhead in New England, but have recently beat a hasty retreat, leaving behind them a river of hot glaze and red ink. They started strong, but had no chance. They might as well have expected Red Sox fans to be willing to buy boiled peanuts at Fenway Park, or trade their Fenway Franks for fried okra and a hush puppy to-be-named-later. No way!

Donkin' Donuts remains strong and continues to grow.

So, I am pleased to add them as the "D" in The White Rhino's List of Favorite Links

Enjoy! And look for me on Monday morning around 7:30 at the Dunkin' Donuts on Rte. 9 Westound in Wellesley, just before the Natick line. The Munchkins are on me!



Anonymous said...

You said it Rhino Blanco,

DnD is the best. Charbucks is okay once in a while, but no one can tell me it's a better everyday cup of coffee.

Besides, what the heck is that language on the menu at Starbucks? Spanish, French, Italian, or some made up combination of all three?

How can you not feel silly in the middle of the Weymouth Starbucks, feeling like you have to say "Venti" instead of "Large" coffee?

Dunkin Donuts rocks, baby---MEDIUM REGULAH and a chocolate frosted!

Anonymous said...

white rhino,

last summer you orderd one french vanilla and one plain stick and i orderd one vanilla chai and one glazed stick every single day. i just want you to know that im still thinking about the good old days. and hopefuly you will forgive me some day.

miss you