Monday, February 13, 2006

Boston’s Ground Hog Day – The Equipment Truck Heads To Florida!

Even as the Boston area digs out from under two feet of snow dropped by The Blizzard of ’06, there is a feeling of Spring in the air! Boston’s “Ground Hog Day” has arrived. As I write this article, a few miles to the East at Fenway Park, the equipment truck is being loaded with uniforms, balls and bats, tape, socks and jocks and all of the other paraphernalia that will be needed in Ft. Meyers to transform an amorphous group of ballplayers into the 2006 edition of the Boston Red Sox. No migration is watched more closely – not even the swallows’ perennial return to Capistrano – than the progress of the equipment truck down I-95 to the Spring Training home of the Sox. Other annual rites of passage and bases to be covered that will be dissected by Red Sox Nation and callers to WEEI between now and Opening Day will be – “Pitchers and Catchers Report,” “Manny Demands To Be Traded,” “Where Is Keith Foulke’s Fastball?” “Will Wakefield’s Knuckler Prove To Be Hittable This Season?”

In this baseball crazy city, it would take a lot more than two feet of snow to bury the excitement about the upcoming season. Theo is back on the job, Roger is being wooed, Wells is being shopped, Manny is being appeased, Paplebon is being groomed, Fenway is being enlarged, and the truck will soon be rumbling down the Interstate. Winter is officially over!

Play ball!


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