Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The White Rhino's List of Favorite Links: "I" = iAmplify

My friend, Sean Cross, recently joined the leadership team at an exciting start-up - iAmplify. Sean is running operations for Co-Founders, Jack and Murray Hidary. As you will see below and when you click on the Link to www.iamplify.com, iAmplify has enlisted a rapidly growing list of authors, speakers, entertainers who provide unique content to a unique community of subscribers.

Check them out.

* * * *

Who We Are

iAmplify provides the means for leading celebrities, experts and media companies to self-publish paid audio and video content over the Internet.
For these content makers, we provide software, hardware and production assistance to create streams, downloads and podcasts of their material.
For online retailers, we offer plug-and-play merchandizing, which can serve their customers targeted downloadable products. Shoppers can purchase downloads a-la-carte or via ongoing subscriptions.
For media publishers, we provide new ways to sell content directly to their existing audiences and distribution to new markets being created by emerging ipod and mobile technologies.iAmplify has exclusive rights to a large and growing catalog of content, mostly in the short-form audio format, in many categories including: fitness, self-improvement, kids, business, parenting, religion, beauty, sports and gaming. This content is available for licensing.

Founded in 2004, by Internet pioneers Jack and Murray Hidary, iAmplify now has offices in New York City and Los Angeles. The Hidary brothers founded Earthweb in 1995 and took it public with a record breaking IPO. Then in 2001, they founded Vista Research, which provided the country's largest investment fund managers with new access to industry expertise. Vista Research was sold to McGraw Hill/Standard & Poors in April of 2005.

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