Monday, February 27, 2006

Temporarily Incommunicado - A Cell Phone Crisis

Sorry if this is Spam, but I thought this might be the most efficient way to warn the largest number of people that I will be unreachable by cell phone for the next day or two.

Yesterday at Copley Place in Boston, my cell phone was stolen. As I tried to track down what had happened, I learned that there had been a string of cell phone robberies from kiosks in the Mall. So, I am in the process of contacting Cingular to arrange a suitable replacement.

So, if you need to contact me while I am between cell phones, please use e-mail or my office phone:
(781) 235-7700 x131

Also, I have lost all of my stored phone numbers that were on my cell phone, so if you are someone who receives calls from me on a regular basis (or would like to!), please e-mail me your relevant phone numbers so I can input them into my new instrument when it arrives.

Thanks for your help and understanding.


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