Friday, July 14, 2006

Another Local Gem Added to The White Rhino's Favorite Links From A-Z: "L" = The Linden Store

I often drive a couple of miles from my office into downtown Wellesely to grab a quick sandwich for lunch. More often than not, my car finds its way to the small parking lot on Linden Street where denizens of the town and surrounding areas jockey for a parking space and a chance to order their favorite item off of the menu board that hangs above the deli counter at The Linden Store.

I would have written about this place long ago, but I must admit I just learned today that The Linden Store has a Website. I thank Nick Paine, a regular reader of The White Rhino Report, and a part-time employee at the Linden Store, for pointing out to me this egregious omission from The White Rhino’s Favorite Links From A-Z.

I found a review on Boston City Search that tells the Linden story very well:

Best Sub Ever!

Posted by
ptdubs on 11/20/2005

The LeBrun's have been serving up the goodness at this hidden little gem located in a small Wellesley strip mall for god knows how long and never compromise quality for anything. Meat is sliced individually for each sandwich, and bread as soft as a cloud is delivered daily from an amazing local bakery. My favorites are the Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce and the Hot Italian. They never disappoint.

Pros: Family, Quality, Consistency
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

* * * *

My favorite item is the Tuesday special – the hot pastrami sandwich. The service is lighting fast and friendly – not an easy combination to pull off. The multinational staff that supports the LeBrun family in operating this goldmine is competent and convivial – chatting up a customer about the World Cup while whipping up a world-class sandwich. This is a special place where warm and exemplary customer service and the highest quality ingredients are both always on the menu.

The Linden Store has earned its rightful place among The White Rhino’s Favorite Links From A-Z.

“Location, location, location” is a well-known mantra when it comes to real estate prices. The presence of The Linden Store in the neighborhood may very well account, in part, for the astronomical price of houses in Wellesley! OK, maybe not, but the place is a valuable asset to the town and to its hungry inhabitants and habitu├ęs.



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