Friday, July 28, 2006

The Artist Responds

Within minutes of my posting comments about last night's performance of "Monsieur Chopin," Hershey Felder was kind enough to respond by e-mail. I thought you might appreciate reading his words:

"What a lovely, thoughtful (and spot on) analysis of the production. In fact, you captured all the inherent ideas - even the skewed proscenium... perhaps best to begin writing theatre reviews? Rarely do I encounter 'professional' reviewers with your capacity of observation. Thank you for attending! Hope to see you next time around!


* * * *

I just learned that Felder will be doing his one man Gershwin show in Hartford on the heels of the production of "Monsieur Chopin" at The Hartford Stage. The Hartford schedule is as follows:

A Melodrama

Music by Fryderyk Chopin
Text by Hershey Felder
Directed by Joel Zwick

August 4–13, 2006


Written and Performed by Hershey Felder
Directed by Joel Zwick

August 15–20, 2006

I plan to make the trek to Hartford. Care to join me?


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