Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Quick Update On Barnett And "Blueprint For Action"

It is my policy whenever possible to make authors aware of reviews that I have written about their books. I often hear back from them, and as a result, have ongoing dialogue and relationships with a wide array of published authors. After posting yesterday's review of "Blueprint for Action," in The White Rhino Report, I also posted the review on, and sent the review to Dr. Barnett. I was pleased this morning to learn that he has published my review in his Blog, along with some kind words about my Executive Search practice.

* * * *

White Rhino Review of BFA

Al Chase of White Rhino Report sends in his review of BFA.

Al's an 'Executive Recruiter in Boston, with a specialization of placing senior executives who are former military officers and who have earned MBA from top-tier schools'. So, if you're looking for that kind of service, drop him a line.

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