Tuesday, November 27, 2007

“Bobby’s Best” – We Do the Work So You Can Shop with Confidence

My friend, Bob Glazer, has created a terrific Website that offers his personal “consumer reports” on a variety of products and services. The special holiday edition has just been published and could make your holiday shopping less daunting.

Here is the way Bob describes the purpose of his on-line service:

“Today, buying even the most standard household and lifestyle products can be overwhelming. Who's got time to research, compare and price match? Don’t you wish you had someone that would just tell you the best product to buy or the best service to use? Bobby's Best is your unbiased source for everyday product research and buying tips. We get to the heart of what's good & bad, we won't bore you with comparing all the minor details of products and services. We also find deals and coupons to save you money on our recommendations.”


Bob tells me that the most popular page, by a wide margin, is this special offer for holiday photo cards




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