Thursday, November 08, 2007

STAND UP FOR HEROES: Bob and Lee Woodruff Continue to Fight for Wounded Warriors – An On-Line Auction to Support Wounded Veterans

I have written in the past about the work that Bob and Lee Woodruff are doing to help Wounded Warriors – especially those afflicted with Traumatic Brian Disorder (TBI) and PTSD.

To coincide with our upcoming observance of Veterans’ Day, The Woodruffs, through The Bob Woodruff Family Fund, are running an intriguing on-line auction with some of the most exciting products and opportunities I have seen. It was “worth the price of admission” just to browse through the items that are available for bidding. How would you like to spend part of a day with Oprah or lunch at the Pentagon with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? These items are just the tip of the iceberg.

I encourage you to read the e-mail below that I received from Lee Woodruff this week. Please take the time to visit the Website and see what is available for bid. Make a bid, and then forward this article to others who would like to find a tangible way to support those who have served.

From: Lee Woodruff

Stand Up for Heroes

Would you like to help a wounded hero who has served in Iraq but don't know how? The Bob Woodruff Family Fund is sponsoring an online charity auction to raise money for veterans with traumatic brain injuries. Click on the purple hyperlink at the top or bottom of this email and bid in this charity auction for cool items.

Then please pass this email on to anyone you think can help.

More than 1.5 million men and women have served in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is estimated that between 150,000 - 300,000 of them will have some kind of brain injury, ranging from traumatic injury from explosions to post traumatic stress disorder and personality disorder.

My own husband, Bob Woodruff, was injured while covering the war for ABC News. Although his recovery has been miraculous, no one who goes through an experience that critically life-altering, is the same person.

These service members who have sacrificed so much deal every day with issues like memory loss, unexplained rage, depression, inability to concentrate, fatigue and confusion. The most severe are confined to their beds unable to walk or talk, struggling their way back to a quality of life.

Here is a way that YOU can help. And in the process you can snag a number of unique items and once-in-lifetime experiences for yourself or your family.

Generous donations for this auction have come in from many celebrities, TV shows, media companies, fashion designers, houseware manufacturers, and more. We have everything from a meet and greet with Oprah Winfrey to a backstage pass after a Bruce Springsteen concert to a chance to be a model for a day and amazing sporting events.

All of the proceeds from the auction will go to the fund which helps brain injured returning vets in three ways:

1) Individual grants for hardship situations;

2) Donations to community based groups helping the wounded with long-term therapy, re-employment, support for the caregiver and the family.

3) Working closely with the Department of Defense, Veteran Administration, and legislators to change antiquated laws governing access to healthcare and disability benefits. Paramount in this is allowing the military access to private care rehabilitation facilities close to home for their long-term care after brain injury.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to service members who willingly put themselves at risk in the service of their country. Through your donations to this auction you can enjoy a fun, rewarding way to repay that debt.

So, please join us and STAND UP FOR A HERO

Click on the hyperlink below to get to the auction web page and then click on the pink "start bidding" button to see all the fabulous auction items.

Stand Up for Heroes


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