Friday, November 30, 2007

Mini-Review of “Gone Baby Gone”

Boston can boast of many teams operating at the top of their game these days. The Celtics blew out the Knicks last night at The Garden by 45 points! The Pats remain undefeated. The Bruins have won 6 of their last 8 games. BC is in the thick of the BCS Bowl sweepstakes and the New England Revolution made it to the finals of the MLS Cup. But our sports teams are not the only ones working at a high level of artistry and achievement; the brothers Affleck have recently presented Boston with a winner in their film “Gone Baby Gone.” Older brother, Ben, has directed this film with note-perfect fidelity to the feel of Boston’s neighborhoods. Dorchester, Everett and Chelsea are significant “characters” in this morality tale. Younger brother, Casey, best know for his recurring role in the “Oceans 11, 12 and 13” franchise, emerges as a bona fide star in this breakthrough role.

The storyline of this film includes a nicely nuanced ethical dilemma that Affleck’s character must confront. It is a case that probably is not being studied in the Ethics course at Harvard Business School or covered in the CCD classes at St Leo's parish!

The Afflecks are dyed-in-the-wool Red Sox fans, so it is the height of irony that the Red Sox post-season success has hurt box office figures for this fine film. It was released as the Red Sox juggernaut was rolling toward the inevitable final reel of a World Series Championship, so much of this film’s natural audience was otherwise occupied. Most fans were too busy sitting behind the screen at home plate at Fenway or watching their high definition plasma screens filled with images of Sox players romping around the base paths to attend a screening of “Gone Baby Gone.” Now that the trophy is safely in the hands of the hometown baseball team, it is now time to support the hometown team of film makers.

I have the utmost respect for Boston Globe film critic, Ty Burr – a brilliant writer and astute observer of the cinema scene. I cannot improve upon his incisive and insightful review of “Gone Baby Gone,” so I urge you to connect to the link below and read his thoughts on the film. And then I urge you to catch this film while it is still in the theaters or when it is released on DVD. I predict we will hear more from this movie come Oscar nomination time.

Here is a small taste of what Ty Burr has to say:

“Yet it's anchored throughout by an insider's knowledge of this particular street, that specific turn of phrase, this local actor cast in a key bit part. The sag of a three-decker and the sag on the faces of the people who live there.”



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