Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Chance for Boston to See Jake Amerding - Monday, March 24 at Club Passim in Harvard Square

In the past few months I have come to appreciate the incredible musicianship and artistry of Jake Armerding. Since I first was introduced to him and his music in January, I have had a chance to hear him live a total of four times. It is not nearly enough! And I have spent dozens of glorious hours listening to his CD's - in the car, at home, at my office. His spirit, energy, lyricism and virtuosity shine as a warm sun in the cold, gray New England winter. Some Bostonians get through the gloomy season between the World Series and Opening Day through the use of "Shopping Therapy," "Hot Stove League Therapy," "Spring Training Therapy" or even "Aroma Therapy." I have found "Armerding Therapy" to be just the elixir to fuel me through the bleak passage from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox.

So, I am thrilled that Jake will be headlining again at Club Passim a week from tomorrow. I will be there with a number of my friends and family members. A sellout is expected, so I encourage you to contact Club Passim and reserve your tickets now.

Details in the Facebook invitation linked below:

Jake Armerding Facebook Invitation

For a quick preview of what you will hear at Club Passim, here is my favorite Jake Armerding tune, "The Fleece":

Jake Armerding "The Fleece"



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