Sunday, March 16, 2008

Networking the Harvard University Alumni Community Around Professional Sports

My friend, Daron K. Roberts, is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the Kennedy School of Government. He currently serves as an Assistant Defensive Coach with the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. Talk about a Renaissance Man! Having been raised in the heady atmosphere of Texas high school football, Daron was eager to find a non-traditional career path that would parlay his Harvard graduate degrees and passion for football into something special. He was hoping to find - or to create - a position that would allow him to creatively use all of his unique gifts, talents and experiences at the intersection of his passions for football, leadership, teaching and personal development.

Using some wonderful networking connections that- to the eye of this observer - have all the hallmarks of having "God's fingerprints all over them," Daron was invited to join the coaching staff of the Chiefs. In the midst of the busyness of preparing for the upcoming NFL draft, Daron and I have talked about his desire to network together other Harvard alumni who share a passion for sports. In the invitation below, he sounds a clarion call for Crimson alumni with a passion for sports to unite.

Please pass along this article to anyone in your circle of friends who combines a Harvard connection with involvement in professional sports.

See Daron's invitation below:


Harvard Alumni in Professional Sports (HAPS)

The Harvard alumni community lacks an umbrella organization devoted to connecting graduates involved in professional sports.

I am working with the Harvard Alumni Association to create a university-sponsored group for alumni who are both directly and tangentially connected to the sports world (e.g. agents, coaches, transactional lawyers, litigators, front-office personnel, journalists, broadcasters and general enthusiasts). Note: This list is by no means exhaustive.

Please contact me if you have any promising leads. Thanks.

Daron K. Roberts (JD '07& MPP '04)
617.308.6913 (c)
Kansas City Chiefs
Defensive Assistant Coach

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