Friday, March 14, 2008

Business Week and White Rhino Partners: Transition from Military Leadership to Business School

I was pleased to be interviewed by Business Week for the article that appears today about transition from military leadership to business school.

From the Battlefield to Business School

by Jane Porter

Businessweek article

Jane Parter and her editor asked me to write a companion piece to supplement the main article. This companion piece appears as a link in the on-line version of this week's Business Week.

I encourage you to send the links to both of these articles to those in your network who would have an interest in the topic of transition from military leadership to leadership in the business world.

Veterans with the Right Stuff

An executive recruiter describes the "special value proposition" that military officers with MBAs can bring to the table

Business Week On-line Al Chase article




Joseph Bamber said...

Way to go Al - I am sending this out to my classmates!

Anonymous said...

It would be so important if you would be abe to do follow up articles, quarterly or so, to reach those returning from war zones continuously. A great resource for them, certainly would push them towards the publication. What a great resource for companies looking to find the best leadership possible.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Al,


Jim Savard