Thursday, November 19, 2009

Intersection 2.0 - Some Preliminary Feedback and Hearty Thanks

In the coming days, I will be sharing more about the recently completed Intersection 2.0. I want to share with you some early feedback from those who participated.

From Daniel:


I've been creating such a fervor about it at the Office (Close to Home) I think I'm going to do my own presentation on what I learned and inspire some of the other employees to join me at 3.0! Whenever it is!"


From Dale:

"Thank you for creating the Intersection programs. I not only enjoyed attending Intersection 2.0, but I also learned some things to put into play as well as about myself. I also had the opportunity to meet some very nice people I would not normally meet.

Thank you and I look forward to Intersection Cubed. (I will need to learn how to superscript the 3!)"


From Susan:

"Les Miserables . . ..That’s the term for all of us forced to leave your marvelous Intersection 2.0. Thank you.

What a terrific experience, Al. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. And you are so generous to have included a wonderful plug for MyVetwork. And showing the Rajiv video.

Thank you for all that.

I knew you liked to sing, but had no idea you are a SINGER! So have to add that to the increasingly lengthy list of Al Chase skills, experiences, gifts, you name it, that I’ve been building.

Intersection 2.0 was wonderful. And I want to help you in any way I can as you build on this."


From Dmitry:

"I attend numerous events every month so I have some something to compare to Intersection 2.0

Simply put, it was a terrific event. I could tell the enormous amount of preparation involved. I can't, and hopefully won't ever forget Scott and Tiffany Smiley's story. Plus, what an amazing collection friends from all over the country.

Again, great job leaving a meaningful mark on all of us."


From Eric:

"Sully and I really enjoyed being part of the event on Saturday. Scotty and Tiffany Smiley’s story was very inspiring as I admire Scotty’s drive, his faith in god and the devotion of Tiffany to support him every step of the way.

I shared the story with my wife and showed her the YouTube video, which was very moving for both of us!

Well done my friend as I wish I could have spent more time over the weekend!!


I would like to once again extend a huge "Thank you" to all of the speakers, sponsors and Planning Committee members who worked so hard to make Intersection 2.0 happen. I hope I do not leave anyone out of the following list:


Doug Crandall

Diane Darling

Glenn Gaudet

Scotty and Tiffany Smiley

Andreas Widmer



Clearly Creative Marketing

Microsoft - who generously hosted us in their gorgeous facility.



Jake Armerding

Chelsea Brannon

Maggie Daniec

Nathan Scott Hancock - Musical Director

Celia Hottenstein

Ashley Korolewski

Stephen Markarian

Shoba Narayan

Edward Tolve

Nina Zendejas

Planning Committee:

Ashkan Afkhami
Rick Cerf
Bob Cormier
Diane Darling
Joey Fiore
Glenn Gaudet
Dave Gowel
John Griffith
Lisa Guyon
Nathan Scott Hancock
Daniel Hartzheim
Gen Hendrey
Ravi Kudesia
Eric Melin
Phillip Meneses
Keith Murray
Andy Peix
Andrew Russo
Swaroop Samant
Dougan Sherwood
Gita Srinivasan

Stay tuned for information about:

IntersXtion 3 (Intersection Cubed)

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