Friday, November 06, 2009

Mini-Review of First Novel, "Mercury Falls" by Robert Kroese

Considering that "Mercury Falls" is the first effort at this literary form by novelist Robert Kroese, he has done a fine job of crafting a tale of war between heaven and hell. With my recent articles about "Angels the Musical," I guess it is fair to say that I am in spiritual warfare mode these days when it comes to literary and musical tastes.

"Mercury Falls" is a thoroughly engaging tale of the tortuous efforts on the parts of angels - exalted, fallen and everything in between - and a select group of humans to either advance Armageddon or somehow delay its inevitable culmination. Writing in a style that reminds me a great deal of Christopher Moore, author of "Lamb," Kroese offers a sadonic tour through the byzantine and often amusing corners of angelic and demonic bureacracies. I would love to see these taxonomic nightmares of committes, sub-committes, commissions and agencies try to pass a health care reform bill!

The accidental heroine, Christine Temetri, is an End Times correspondent for a religious news magazine. Her foil is a ne'er-do-well nerdy and schlumpy anti-Christ. Together, they stumble their way through a picaresque series of adventures and misadventures that amuse and offer cautionary warnings to those who may be inclined to take themselves too seriously in the pursuit of truth.

This is a book worth reading.



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