Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in Afghanistan - A Report from 1LT Rajiv Srinivasan

While most of us were enjoying turkey drumsticks, marathon football, and the company of family and friends, some of our troops in Afghanistan were getting up in the middle of the night to respond to the latest IED attack.

In his inimitable way, 1LT Rajiv Srinivasan tells the tale of how he and his soldiers from Attack Company, operating as the RDF (Rapid Deployment Force), spent the morning after Thanksgiving. Continue reading his account of his "direct line to the White House" conversation with the Commander in Chief. These two articles, in juxtaposition with one another, give a poignant glimpse into how one junior officer in today's Army helps himself and his men to cope with the unpredictable rhythms of terror and boredom.

It is two days since we celebrated Thanksgiving here in America, but it is not to late to offer one more prayer of Thanksgiving for the fine men and women who stand in the gap and do their duty in the face of relentless opposition and waning support and political resolve at home.

God bless you, Rajiv, and all of your colleagues.

Thoughts from Afghanistan


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