Thursday, November 11, 2010

Purple Heart Homes - Wounded Warriors Helping The Generations Who Have Gone Before

On this Veterans' Day, I am proud to make the readers of The White Rhino Report aware of a unique organization called Purple Heart Homes.

Two Gen X Injured Iraq Veterans Provide Home Modifications for Viet Nam Baby Boomers and Korean War and WWII members from the Silent Generation

STATESVILLE, NC….As Veterans Day approaches Thursday, November 11 two Injured Iraq war veterans Staff Sergeant Dale Beatty (age 32) and SPC John Gallina (age 31) co-founders of Purple Heart Homes both representatives from generation X do not consider themselves heroes and are now making life a little easier for older veterans.

Purple Heart Homes website

Dale Beatty and John Gallina through the non-profit organization they founded in 2009 – Purple Heart Homes - have reached across generational lines to help make life easier for older veterans that have aged in place in their homes. “As they have aged; injuries they experienced fighting for our country have made it more difficult for older veterans to climb steps without pain, or they are bound to a wheel chair in their older homes with narrow doors and hallways.” said co-founder John Gallina.

Purple Heart Homes mission is to provide housing for disabled veterans substantial in function, design and quality. “We do that by assessing the needs in older veterans existing homes and make the necessary modifications to provide a safe and accessible barrier free environment,” said Gallina.

While they appreciate being thanked for their service and sacrifice both Beatty and Gallina want communities thank all veterans for their service that include Viet Nam Veterans or members from the baby boom in addition to Korean War and World War II Veterans from the Silent Generation.

“Why should we be singled out and thanked for our service and sacrifice in Iraq?” asked Staff Sergeant Dale Beatty, “I volunteered to serve and knew the consequences,” he added. “The guys that served in Viet Nam had no choice in the matter - they were drafted. The WWII and Korean War Veterans fought for our nations freedom and had our backs just like all veterans who serve our country,” said Beatty.

Purple Heart Homes wants to adapt more homes for veterans and needs lots of help including interested volunteers, professional trades people and donations of materials and money. To learn how you can help go to or call 704-838-4044

Both Staff Sergeant Dale Beatty and SPC John Gallina were on a mission near Bayji, Iraq when the vehicle they were riding in hit an anti tank mine that exploded leaving Beatty a double amputee below the knees and SPC John Gallina suffering from serious head and back injuries. Both were members of the North Carolina National Guard - 30th BCT- and served with Charlie Battery 1st Bn 113th FA, stationed in Statesville, NC.

About Purple Heart Homes

Purple Heart Homes was co-founded in 2008 by Dale Beatty and John Gallina. Their mission is dedicated to providing housing adaptations that is substantial in function, design and quality that is fit to welcome home and thank the fighting men and women of America – no matter where or when they served.

I encourage you, as a concrete act on this Veterans' Day, to reach out to Purple Heart Homes or others veterans' organization you are aware of with contributions of time or funds.


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