Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Always on Our Minds: LT Srinivasan - and NPR - Remember SPC Jenkins

In a little over a week many of us will pause to honor our veterans. Even a week before the formal Veterans' Day ceremonies, my mind is very much on our men and women who have serve - and who continue to serve. I will be spending some time this evening at Harvard Business School with the Armed Forces Alumni Association. They will be holding their fall Career Fair, and have asked me to be among a small group who will share our thoughts about the challenges of transitioning from leadership in the military to being a business school student preparing for leadership in the business world.

I just read a recent Blog positing by my good friend, LT Rajiv Srinivasan. He poignantly shares his remembrance of a young soldier who briefly crossed his path in Afghanistan.

For the full effect, I suggest you read Rajiv's posting, then follow the link to the NPR transcript and then listen to the brief broadcast of SPC's memorial service

Rajiv's Blog

Thank, Rajiv, for reminding us that there are real individuals behind the numbing casualty statistics that we occasionally glance at when we read the paper.


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