Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Veterans' Day Tribute - A Word of Thanks

First, a belated birthday wish to all of my friends who are Marines. The USMC celebrated its 235th birthday yesterday. Semper Fi!

(If you did not see my series this summer on my visit to Quantico, here is a link the the three part series):

Quantico Series

More generally, I offer my thanks to all those in my network - and beyond - who have served our nation as soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, or coast guard. We owe you a great deal.

To the families of those whose have given sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers or fathers in service to our nation, know that your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed nor has it been forgotten.

I had coffee this morning with a good friend whose father fired at Japanese planes as they flew over Schofield Barracks as they flew towards Pearl Harbor. He later fought in the battle of Guadalcanal. My own father served in Burma with the Army Air Corps. He never talked much about his service, so I missed out on hearing from him directly what is time of service was like.

The generation who are returning to us from Iraq and Afghanistan are less hesitant than my father's generation had been to talk about their experiences. Those of us who have not been warriors are in a position to hear from them what it was like - if we ask sensitive and intelligent questions. And we are in a position to thank them - with our words, with offers of help in finding a job, with acts of kindness and generosity to our Wounded Warriors.

Help me to celebrate Veterans' Day this year by reaching out in this way.


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