Friday, March 25, 2011

Heading Back to Haiti - For the First Time in 30 Years!

In a few hours, I will be leaving for Haiti. I will be traveling with my friend, Tom Nolan of the New York Leadership Center, a Haitian pastor and an American pastor and a businessman from Arkansas. the purpose of our trip - one of many I anticipate making over the next few years - is to make connections between Haitian entrepreneurs and American business men and women who are interested in forging a partnership that will be mutually beneficial and profitable.

I am convinced that for Haiti and its people to be able to truly realize their full potential, sustainable economic development is a key. I am pleased to partner with organizations like the New York Leadership Center, Haiti One and a growing network of churches, faith-based NGOs and Haitian and American businessmen and women.

Please pray for this trip and our partnership initiatives. This is a tumultuous time in Haiti, so please pray for safe travel and smooth logistics as we travel to Haiti and throughout the country.

Some of you may be aware that from 1974-1975, I lived in the mountains of Haiti in the tiny village of Fermathe, working at the hospital at the Baptist Mission. This will be my first opportunity to return to Haiti in almost 30 years. My fluency in Haitian Creole is ready to be tested, and my taste buds are hankering for some wonderful rice and beans and Cabrit Creole!

God bless.


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Casimir Deronette said...

Al, I hope you know that the People of Haiti loves you, I love you, and we thank you for all of your support to the island!! Have a safe trip and please let me know if there's anything I can do to help while you're down there! P.s Save me some Kabrit :-)