Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"The Sins of the Father . . ." Mini-Review of "The Summer Son" by Craig Lancaster

This latest novel by award-winning author,Craig Lancaster, is a deeply moving and beautifully constructed saga of a last ditch attempt by a son to reconcile with his father. Mitch Quillen's life is falling apart at the seams, and he feels inexplicably drawn to respond to his father's enigmatic telephone calls by making a road trip to see father from whom he has been estranged for decades. As Mitch extends his visit to his father - hoping to somehow pierce the veil of silence that his father wears as a suit of armor, he risks losing his job. On the other hand, he also knows that his wife supports this effort to find a connection with his father - and with himself. As the story careens between the present and distant past, the back story emerges of why Mitch's father, Jim, has been so distant and unreachable. The bottom line of this story is the message that as long as there is a thread of life left, then healing, forgiveness and redemption are possible - no matter how dark and painful the past.

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