Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Way to Honor Veterans, Military and Their Families - TroopSwap

My good friend, Matt Thompson, whom I came to know and respect when he served as a Co-President of the Armed Forces Alumni Association at Harvard Business School, has recently made a career move that will impact many veterans and their families. Matt left his secure job with Goldman Sachs to join his friend and fellow HBS grad, Blake Hall, in launching TroopSwap.

"The Web site launched this month as a daily deal purveyor, much like District-based LivingSocial or Chicago’s Groupon, only the discounts are tailored to military families."

Washington Post Article on TroopSwap

Matt's enthusiasm for his new mission comes through loud and clear in the e-mail he recently sent to me announcing the launch of TroopSwap:

"It feels SO good serving the military community, but you already knew that...."

Here are some additional details about the financing and structure of TroopSwap:

Yahoo! Finance Press Release

"Every day, TroopSwap features a different cool business in your community offering an exclusive deal to veterans, service members and their immediate families. Our local employees are all military spouses and we give 10% of our profits to the Wounded Warrior Project. Our goal is to reward a life of service. Currently, TroopSwap is only available in Hampton Roads, Virginia – the largest military community in the world -- but we will expand to more bases in the near future."

If you are part of the veteran or military community near Hampton Roads, you can begin taking advantage immediately of the deals offered by TroopSwap.

TroopSwap Website

Well done, Matt and Blake!



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Matt Thompson said...

Thank you,Dr. Chase! We've been working extremely hard and have been met with a great deal of enthusiasm from the military community, especially military spouses, and local businesses.