Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GaggleAmp Update - A Wonderful New Tool to Get Your Message Out

Since I first shared with readers of The White Rhino Report the news of the launch of the Beta version of GaggleAmp, the company has begun to explode in terms of its reach and customer base. The Founder and CEO, Glenn Gaudet, recently shared some very helpful and practical tips on how to use GaggleAmp as a messaging tool and amplification platform:

Here are some messaging tips for you.

How to message with GaggleAMP:

  1. Keep in mind that messages are going to be shared by people that are not you! Using personal pronouns like I or we are not appropriate in most cases and will lower your share rate. (Unless you Reweet)
  2. Messages should be value-add to the reader. Traditional sales copy does not work well with social media. Consider using fun and informative content with links back to specific pages on your site that further explain your key message that you posted.
  3. If you are repeating messages, change up the copy. While repetition is good in general, sending the same message with the same words can turn people off in social media.
  4. Expire your messages often. Remember that when a new Gaggle member joins, they see all messages that have been posted to the Gaggle that are not expired. Don’t overwhelm them. Keep no more than 3-5 messages active in the Gaggle at any one time.
  5. Use our URL shortener with your messages, that way we can track the performance and click-thru rates for your messages.

Come to GaggleAMP by visiting

GaggleAMP is designed by marketing folks for marketing folks. We are grateful that you are giving us a chance. We add new features regularly, so please give us your feedback.



Glenn Gaudet
President & Founder
Office: 617.682.0777

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Joining the Gaggle is totally free and takes just a few moments. GaggleAMP will notify you whenever there are new messages to share.

I encourage you join my White Rhino Herd Gaggle. Click here: GaggleAMP Link

I also encourage to consider creating your own Gaggle. If you have questions, Glenn Gaudet and his team will be happy to help you to decide if GaggleAmp is for you.

Best of all GaggleAMP is FREE, fun and easy to use. I am looking forward to having you on board. Join today!


The White Rhino – Al Chase

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