Monday, May 16, 2011

Boston Area Client Company Is Hiring Web Software Engineer / Director of Engineering

This is a great opportunity for a Boston area Web Engineer. Please pass the word to those in your network who may be qualified and interested.

Web Software Engineer / Director of Engineering - Boston area Web Search company

Full-time in
Wellesley, company may be moving to Cambridge

Overview: Web guru, linux, php/mySQL

Hiring immediately:

Must have:

1. Linux (A+)

2. PHP ( A+)

OO concepts knowledge (php 5.3)

3. MySQL or Postgre knowledge (A)


5. Javascript/Ajax/JQuery (A)


1. Version control: subversion (svn), git, mercurial, bazaar
2. C, C++, Perl, Python, Ruby
3. NOSQL (mongo, cassandra, ...)
HPC systems
5. distributed computing: Hadoop and alike
6. in-depth Linux knowledge
7. in-depth Linux administration knowledge
8. in-depth ip network knowledge

The ideal candidate will have +/- 10 years’ experience, and will have been part of at least one web venture, as a engineer/contributor, and who now wants to lead software development efforts, with 8 ppl under him/her. (There is currently a senior CTO in-house, but he is transitioning day-to-day responsibilities.)

Qualified candidates only, send MS-Word resume and cover letter to:

Dr. Al Chase -

In the cover letter, highlight the aspects of your career that directly match specific items in the job description, salary history and expectations, and openness to work in the locations indicated.

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