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Chocolateers Unite - A Unique Valentine's Day Gift Opportunity

My good friend, Professor Kate McKeown - known to many as "The Vulcan Professor" - is passionate about Systems Change.  Her passions run largely to overhauling the way in which we educate the next generation (More about that subject in future White Rhino Report postings).  One of the systems that she wants to change is the way in which chocolate lovers procure the world's best chocolate at a reasonable price.  She describes her approach as "disintermediating chocolate-making so that chocolateers can make world-class chocolate at home in their own kitchens."

I will let Kate describe her vision for Sacred Night Chocolate as outlined in the campaign.  As you read about the "vision" of Sacred Night Chocolate, think about contributing to the campaign in the name of your Valentine, with a promise to make him/her some delicious home made chocolate once the ingredients have been shipped to you. Project - Chocolateers Unite

Chocolates Created by You

Calling all Brave New Chocolateers!

Help us launch Sacred Night Chocolate as a real part of the unique experience of being able to make and give exquisite, custom chocolates in a,super-fast and creative brand new way.  And prove that many of us want to make our own chocolates at home, our way!  And many of us want to make chocolates the personal ways our friends and families, and even new customers, love chocolate!

Kate (above, in video, spilling popcorn on the kitsch kitchen floor) has made chocolates for friends and loved ones for over ten years, in a tiny kitchen in Greenwich Village.  At Sacred Night Chocolate, we have created a chocolate making/eating community in our neighborhood, and wish to spread our culinary wealth while working on the projects that inspire us!

All Sacred Night Chocolate™ contains the pure ingredients of cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla beans, soy lecithin for smoothness, and the essence of white tiger lily and night-blooming jasmine.
Our dark chocolates are completely vegan, ranging from 60 to 80% cocoa. Our creamy milk chocolates contain from 30 to 50%. Sacred Night has no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, waxes or paraffin...just pure chocolate, your way. This is why Sacred Night Chocolate™ melts so smoothly and quickly, and so lends itself to lavishly creating!

What We Need & What You Get

We Need Your Help!

We need your help to launch Sacred Night Chocolate as a business.  We operate in the heart of the West Village in New York City and have a small team of chocolate-lovers ready to grow!
Your funding will allow us to:
  • complete initial inventory and packaging, and go live online
  • fulfill initial orders
Through our Indiegogo community and initial sales online, once we prove that people are indeed passionate about creating and giving custom chocolates, fast, we have a next step.  Having spoken at length with a major retailer (who launched one of our inventions years ago), we are confident that if this very big and nice company sees that people do, indeed, love to make chocolates at home, they will create a relationship with Sacred Night to get the product rapid national distribution.

AND  The more the merrier (...and with the endorphins in chocolate, we are being literal here)!  If we take in more than we ask for here, this is just more good news!!! We can fulfill as many Indiegogo Packages as people want them, and later add parties and networking events for Chocolateers!

Really, and for the big economic picture, this is disintermediating chocolate-making, and disintermediation is good in any, publishing, video creation.  NOW AND FOR THE FIRST TIME Brave New Chocolateers will allow everybody to be a free, passionate, thinking, chocolate creators.

You probably know about the health benefits of the cacao in your chocolate, and that it stimulates the brain and gives us energy. Now you know that your Sacred Night creations add the unique happiness benefit of the scent of flowers, which reach the limbic area of our brains, stimulating emotions such as thankfulness, joy, yearning, love, comfort and a sense of vision.

You will give the Bright Blessed Day...helping Eye-Camps

The name of our company, Sacred Night Chocolate, relates to vision too: from a beautiful old song, the words, "I see trees of green, clouds of white, the bright blessed day and the dark sacred night, and I think to myself what a wonderful world." inspired us to make eye-camps our first social mission...

Every year, millions of people lose their eyesight to curable diseases. It is estimated that 100 million people in the world suffer from blindness that is curable, right now. For many, especially children, a mere $10 surgery can give these people their vision back!! With a volunteer doctor, a scalpel, a bandage, and a little anesthesia, some 100 million people could see, right now.  Let's make it happen.

At Sacred Night Chocolate, we want to support eye surgeries in eye-camps around the world.  So we will happily we give 5% of profits from to support those surgeons, diligently working, for free, to end curable blindness in one generation.

First Supported Friend:

Bihar Eye-Camp

Every November, more than 20,000 eye surgeries are performed at the Bihar Eye Camp in Bodh Gaya, in the North of India.  All of the doctors volunteer, and many have come every year for 22 years.  But still, with a population of 1.8 million, the Bihar region of India has 10,000 people go blind annually for lack of treatment. Only a little more money can make a huge difference. .

Dear Fellow Brave New Chocolateers, when you create, eat, and share Sacred Night Chocolate, you also give someone else the Bright Blessed Day, and make a wonderful world.
Thank you to all our new Chocolateers from Indiegogo!  Welcome!
Love alot, chocolate!
The Sacred Night Team

So, join the campaign and become a Brave New Chocolateer!



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