Monday, February 04, 2013

Seth Godin Weighs in on The Importance of Listening

Each day when I read Seth Godin's Blog, I find at least one nugget that I am able to burnish throughout the day into something useful.  

Today's piece on The Importance of Listening is particularly helpful and useful.

I will tease you with just one glimpse of what he has to say:

"The best way to honor someone who has said something smart and useful is to say something back that is smart and useful. The other way to honor them is to go do something with what you learned."

The read the whole piece - which is quite short - click the link below.

How To Listen



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Josh Rizzo said...

I've been waiting to read this as it is something I have been working on along with a few other areas that I can improve upon... thanks so much for posting this - great read sir - awesome!